Verify you are a human? Why google take us to i am not a robot page saying,” verify that you are a human! ” ?

verify that you are a human!

Verify you are a human?Why google take us to i am not a robot page saying,” verify that you are a human! ” ?   Probably it’s been a couple months, I remember I get redirected to a type of page which says “verify you are a human”:

Verification required
i am not a robot page

Why human verification?

Everyone has got this right? Maybe Google changed its policy for its server security or for our security OR to reduce fake web traffic, I don’t actually know why this page appears on our browser window when we google after a gap of about couple of hours The most likely reason for this I would say is to make sure if the visitor on a site is a real genuine human being or a script just for some unwanted causes. Google is trying to make sure that the real user is using the online service.

We get redirected to i am not a robot page. URL:
With a message,
“Our system has detected an unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot.”


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And its a compulsion to solve that captcha and verify you are a human. The most irritating thing about this is it’s really hard to prove you are a human. Google usually gives you
Tasks like :

  1. Select all the image with the storefront.

2. Select all the squares with street signs.

Street signs

3. Select all the images with cars.

It usually takes about a minutes and sometimes even more if you are on your smartphones with small screen size. We are hating it in sooth. Its also killing our precious time. Google must do something about this and immediately.

How to get rid of this “verify you are a human” page?

The only way to skip i am not a robot page  is to use any other search engines like. We know Google is the best but there is no way to search your query without completing the captcha ( i.e completing the verify you are a human page ) or temporarily switching to other alternative search engines like:




Internet Archive

You can try this small tip for skipping that boring, I am not a robot page. Unless you want to see it again keep using other engines available. But, in our inner heart we all know Google is the best search engine.

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