The red hydrogen one specification, price and camera specs

The red hydrogen one specification, price and camera specs: You might have been waiting for the latest camera phone that shoots professionally right? Your wait is over with the release of The red hydrogen one.

Known for its skilled cameras developed by creator Jim Jannard, the RED has assembled a stellar reputation around luxury cinematography even utilized in Hollywood. And, so does the red hydrogen camera specs are!

Taking it from the box, the RED Hydrogen One includes a significant metallic weight not to mention 3D screen that has changed a whole lot since the previous 3D trend that attracted us both the Nintendo 3DS or even the above Evo 3D, along with untold numbers of 3D televisions. The entire spec sheet for those mobiles has leaked somewhat early via a new infographic that’s through UberGizmo.

The red hydrogen one price and specifications.

While we have known pieces and bits of the before, it is wonderful to see it laid out everything in 1 area The RED has an aluminum case, stereo speakers.  However, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, rather than the latest Snapdragon 845, that is somewhat disappointing to the red hydrogen one price which is  $1,195 (equal: 86000 INR) but wait patiently, The RED Hydrogen includes the double 8.3-megapixel lenses at the front and double 12.3-megapixel on the back.

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The red hydrogen one specification :

Here is the listed form of red hydrogen specification :

Display :
5.7-inch 3D display, 2560 × 1440 resolution

Ram & Storage :
6 GB | 128 GB

Operating system :

Processor :
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Primary camera :
Double 12.3-megapixel

Front camera :
Double 8.3-megapixel

4,500mAh Lithium-ion

It’s possible to use the camera to the telephone to take your content from 4-View, which may be shared within that format using a different RED telephone, or even as a typical JPEG file if you’re posting it online or sending it to your buddy who does not possess one.

What are the bad sides of red hydrogen one?

It doesn’t have wireless charging and is not as water-resistant as a recent iPhones, Galaxy phones or Google Pixel. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, rather than the latest Snapdragon 845, that is somewhat disappointing to the hefty price tag of $1,195.

With the launch of red hydrogen one the era of a 3D display to your gadgets starts. With the 3Ds in your phone or other gadgets, you will be able to enjoy 3D display or your favorite 3D movies directly from your phone without the need to wear hesitating 3D glasses. Are you excited for the launch of the new red phone? Are you waiting for the launch of a budget phone with the 3D display? Let us know in the comment section below!

This was the little update to a newly launched red hydrogen one phone. Did you like it? Please suggest us in the comments. Thanks !


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