Who is launching the first foldable mobile phone? | Foldable phone samsung, apple, lenovo.

royolo flexpai

Who is launching the first foldable mobile phone? | Foldable phone Samsung, apple, Lenovo. 

The answer is we don’t know. Only time will tell us the fact. We all know the year 2018 is the year of the notch on phones. Many types of notch small or large sized, dewdrop or rectangular were made this year. But the year 2019 could be the year of the foldable phone screen.

You must have heard about bending case of the iPhone 6. I was really excited when I first heard this news. Actually, I thought that it was its new feature. But I was surprised after knowing the actual fact. Apple fixed the problem later on but some still are facing the same problem.

Literally, we can say that Apple is the first company that brought foldable mobile phones to the market.

foldable mobile phone
foldable mobile phone

Is it likely the launch of Samsung foldable phone in 2019?

Samsung managed to make all those curved OLED panels over the past. However, creating a display that can fold repeatedly and still work is matter entirely about creating a foldable mobile phone. Current panels will develop creases and dead zones after repeated folding. Samsung makes almost all the smartphone-sized OLED panels in the world, so you’d expect its phone to be the first foldable panel phone.

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Rumors are Samsung foldable phone launch on the first month of 2019 but Huawei and Lenovo are in the race. According to the new report, Huawei will partner with Chinese supplier BOE for a new flexible OLED panel.

Who will win the race of foldable mobile phone?

With the expectations of big giants and rumors of Samsung foldable smartphone, Lenovo foldable phone or foldable phone apple. Unheard company technically won the race of making a foldable mobile phone.

royolo flexpai
royolo flexpai

Royole just announced its new foldable tablet phone, FlexPai. The company has displayed working units, but the Flexi still doesn’t seem to work well. Royale says its phone can fold more than 200,000(Two hundred thousand) times without damage. The Flexpai has a 7.8-inch 1920×1440 display. You can fold it in half to get a smaller phone like device that looks like a purse. That gives you three screen areas.

Conclusion: The role is technically the first tech company to launch the first foldable mobile-table hybrid phone. It is said to be in the hands of its customers within this December. The race is still on. But, if all these companies launch its first foldable mobile phone what would you prefer? A Samsung foldable phone, Lenovo foldable phone, Huawei foldable smartphone or foldable phone apple. Let us know in the comments below

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