What to eat on a diet to lose weight | Health Tips for my healthy heart, liver, and bones

What to eat on a diet to lose weight

What to eat on a diet to lose weight | Health Tips for my healthy heart, liver, and bones

Everyone wishes to be Healthy and wealthy. It’s each individual dream to be fit in every aspect. But they lack behind on maintaining all their body parts well. In the daily competition and in the way to earn huge money your body compromise and finally get weak and bad. This can be saved by knowing simple ways to protect your different body organs. So,  here in what to eat on a diet to lose weight, we created a 5 min readout for your future healthy body. Go through these all points. So let us learn what to eat on a diet to lose weight :

1 Be strong with Healthy Bones

Always care your bones, think before eating foods that harm your bones, keeping your bones healthy will help to lose your weight.

1. Eat calcium-rich foods

© Dairy products almond, broccoli, fish with bone such as salmon, sardine & soy products

2. Vitamin D

© Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium
© Sunlight and foods like Sadine, tuna, egg yolk & fortified milk are a good source of Vitamin D

3. Physical activity in daily routine

© walking, jogging, playing tennis & climbing stairs helps to build strong bones & retards bone loss

4. Maintain a healthy body weight

© Overweight: Extra stress on joints & risk of osteoarthritis
© Underweight: Higher risk of bone loss

5. Don’t ( Smoke and drink ) Excessively

© Loss of bone mineral density is associated with tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption.

6. Reduce and Sodium and increase Potassium

© High salt intake causes loss of bone density
© Potassium-rich foods (bananas, tomatoes and orange juice) prevent osteoporosis

2  Be clever guard your liver

Limit alcohol intake, do yoga daily. and have vitamin C, E for your healthy liver

© One drink for a day for women and up to two drinks a day for men.
© 1 drink means
Beer: 355 ml
Wine: 148 ml
Distilled spirits: 44 ml

© Yoga boosts liver that is damaged by stress, apoptosis & fibrosis
© Practice 15 min of yoga on a daily basis

© Take FOOD rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, garlic (activates liver enzymes)
© Reduce fat intake

©When medications are taken incorrectly (taking too much, the wrong type or by mixing) liver can be harmed.

© Bad gastrointestinal environment causes toxins to flood the liver
© Probiotics maintain the intestinal flora

© Drinking coffee protects the liver by optimizing the flow of bile and lowers risk of
getting liver disease
© But don’t overdrink

3  Be Smart save your heart

Your heart the most important for you so always remember to limit junk food or stop consuming cholesterol included food.

©Increase consumption of  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish.
© Decrease consuming Salt, trans fats (ghee), red meat, sugar, alcohol.

© At least 40 min of physical activity
(Brisk walking, jogging, cycling etc.)
minimum 3 -4 days per week

© Periodically check & monitor blood
pressure, sugar, cholesterol, triacylglycerol

© Stay positive, relax & laugh out loud to
lower stress hormones

© Increased risk of heart disease after
menopause & if BP or sugar level is
high during pregnancy.

© Ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) is 18.5 -24.9 kg/m
© Weight circumference must be
< 37 inch. for men &
< 31.5 inch. for women

So what to eat on a diet to lose weight?

Wait, your body gains weight not only because you don’t have a healthy diet but also because you fail to keep your body organs healthy. You keep on gaining weight before you keep your body parts healthy.

Morning Rise Up:

It’s almost always best to begin your day with two glasses of warm water. It helps to reduce constipation, remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles and to regulate body fat. You can have many detox drinks like lemon detox, ginger detox, cucumber detox, etc. Detox drinks help flush away those stored unwanted toxins, excess sodium from the body and also enhance the metabolism of your body.

Your breakfast should be a maximum of 250 calories you can have oatmeal, Egg Omelet With Green Tea,
Apple Smoothie with Almonds, corn flakes or an Idli with Sambar which is an Indian recipe.

Mid-morning snacks:
It should be below 100 calories. You can have a cup of green tea, hot chocolate or some fruits.

Lunch should be a little heavy than your mid-morning snacks it should be below 300 calories. You can have a bowl of vegetable soup which is the nutritious way to fill your body with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. It will give you a sensation of fullness without adding many calories. You can else have grilled fish salmon with steamed rice or an egg sandwich.

Evening snack:
Evening snack can be lemon tea an Biscuits or a hard-boiled egg with green tea or momo dumplings, nuts and Orange juice, etc.

Dinner should be below 250 calories. You can have a chicken noodle or a roti, chapati with boiled chicken etc.

Bedtime Fat Burning Drink:
A glass of warm water before bedtime helps us sleep better and eliminate fat simultaneously. It helps you to sleep, relax muscles. It rehydrates the entire body and helps better digestion of meals and melts body fat. It also flushes all toxins out from your body which helps to lose weight.

These are the ways for your healthy liver, bones, and heart. The next article will cover ways to protect your kidneys, lungs, and eyes. Subscribe us for part second on top best ways to be healthy with liver, bones, and heart. For more, you may read it. Click

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