Things you should check before buying a smartphone

Things you should check before buying a smartphone

Buying a smartphone is really tough nowadays. You fix your budget first and search for the best phone available at that price. You find your ideal phone but your budget does not fit. Then you start compromising your need and buy one. It works well for a few days then you get problems like low storage, less battery life, blur photo and so on. So you sell that phone at less price and again approach for another one and this problem persists repeatedly. So as a solution to this problem we have created a list of things you should first check before buying a smartphone. Here, the list starts:

1. Display:

When you choose your phone, you must keep in mind about the Display Screen of the phone. Make sure you choose the best screen size and Display quality. Choose your ideal phone size so that it would be easy to handle, fit in the pocket. You should also check if the screen is made from Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass protects your phone from screen scratching and may save from minor falls or damage. Better play an HD video before buying. It’s usually in the default video player on mostly all of the phones.

2. Processor:

You want your New phone to perform best right? Of course! So you must consider its processing capabilities. The latest processor is Snapdragon 835 which is used in Samsung galaxy 8 and Google Pixel. With better capabilities comes at a greater price. So choose yours with your budget and need.

3. Camera:

The camera is what most of the people look. But, the problem is they just look for megapixel. Most of us just know that the better the photos will be captured the greater Megapixels you use. It is right to some extent but just don’t look only at pixels but also other aspects like focus, low light capturing video quality. And also look combination between front and back camera.

4. Storage (RAM & ROM):

The storage i.e. RAM & ROM are the thing you must notice before buying a smartphone. Nowadays 3GB + 32GB is the best RAM and ROM combination. But if you are a gamer you need at least 4GB + 64 GB RAM and ROM combination with Better Graphics. But if you are just a normal user and just use the phone for streaming and social media 3+32 is enough.

5. Battery :

If you have the Better processor, better display, better storage, and camera but your battery life is too short you aren’t able to use it at the right moment when you are willing to. So you must look at the battery life or MaH too. Before buying your phone make sure your battery capacity is at least 3500MaH or above.

After all, you should check If these things work updates properly or not at the store. Lastly, consider these things before buying your best budget smartphone and ask about the sensors in your phone and make sure it works properly too. Hope this will solve your problem.

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