Who is launching the first foldable mobile phone? | Foldable phone samsung, apple, lenovo.

Who is launching the first foldable mobile phone? | Foldable phone samsung, apple, lenovo. 

The answer is we don’t know. Only time will tell us the fact. We all know year 2018 is the year of notch on phones. Many types of notch small or large sized, dew drop or rectangular were made this year. But the year 2019 could be the year of foldable phone screen.

You must have heard about bending case of the iPhone 6. I was really excited when I first heard this news. Actually I thought that it was its new feature. But I was surprise after knowing the actual fact. Apple fixed the problem later on but some still are facing the same problem.

Literally, we can say that Apple is the first company that brought foldable mobile phones to the market.

foldable mobile phone
foldable mobile phone

Is it likely the launch of samsung foldable phone in 2019?

Samsung managed to make all those curved OLED panels over the past. However, creating a display that can fold repeatedly and still work is matter entirely about creating foldable mobile phone. Current panels will develop creases and dead zones after repeated folding. Samsung makes almost all the smartphone sized OLED panels in the world, so you’d expect its phone to be the first foldable panel phone.

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Rumors are Samsung foldable phone launch on the first month of 2019 but Huawei and Lenovo are in the race. According to the new report, Huawei will partner with Chinese supplier BOE for a new flexible OLED panel.

Who will win the race of foldable mobile phone?

With the expectations of big giants and rumors of samsung foldable smartphone, lenovo foldable phone or foldable phone apple. Unheard company technically won the race of making foldable mobile phone.

Royole just announced its new foldable tablet phone, FlexPai. The company has displayed working units, but the FlexPai still doesn’t seem to work well. Royole says its phone can fold more than 200,000(Two hundred thousand) times without damage. The FlexPai has a 7.8-inch 1920×1440 display. You can fold it in half to get a smaller phone like device that looks like a purse. That gives you three screen areas.

Conclusion: The royole is technically the first tech company to launch first foldable mobile-table hybrid phone. It is said to be in the hands of its customers within this December. The race is still on. But, if all these company launches its first foldable moblie phone what would you prefer? A samsung foldable phone , lenovo foldable phone, Huawei foldable smartphone or foldable phone apple. Let us know in the comments!

The red hydrogen one specification, price and camera specs

The red hydrogen one specification, price and camera specs: You might have been waiting for the latest camera phone that shoots professionally right? Your wait is over with the release of The red hydrogen one.

Known for its skilled cameras developed by creator Jim Jannard, the RED has assembled a stellar reputation around luxury cinematography even utilized in Hollywood. And, so does the red hydrogen camera specs are!

Taking it from the box, the RED Hydrogen One includes a significant metallic weight not to mention 3D screen that has changed a whole lot since the previous 3D trend that attracted us both the Nintendo 3DS or even the above Evo 3D, along with untold numbers of 3D televisions. The entire spec sheet for those mobiles has leaked somewhat early via a new infographic that’s through UberGizmo.

The red hydrogen one price and specifications.

While we have known pieces and bits of the before, it is wonderful to see it laid out everything in 1 area The RED has an aluminum case, stereo speakers.  However, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, rather than the latest Snapdragon 845, that is somewhat disappointing to the red hydrogen one price which is  $1,195 (equal: 86000 INR) but wait patiently, The RED Hydrogen includes the double 8.3-megapixel lenses at the front and double 12.3-megapixel on the back.

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The red hydrogen one specification :

Here is the listed form of red hydrogen specification :

Display :
5.7-inch 3D display, 2560 × 1440 resolution

Ram & Storage :
6 GB | 128 GB

Operating system :

Processor :
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Primary camera :
Double 12.3-megapixel

Front camera :
Double 8.3-megapixel

4,500mAh Lithium-ion

It’s possible to use the camera to the telephone to take your content from 4-View, which may be shared within that format using a different RED telephone, or even as a typical JPEG file if you’re posting it online or sending it to your buddy who does not possess one.

What are the bad sides of red hydrogen one?

It doesn’t have wireless charging and is not as water-resistant as a recent iPhones, Galaxy phones or Google Pixel. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, rather than the latest Snapdragon 845, that is somewhat disappointing to the hefty price tag of $1,195.

With the launch of red hydrogen one the era of a 3D display to your gadgets starts. With the 3Ds in your phone or other gadgets, you will be able to enjoy 3D display or your favorite 3D movies directly from your phone without the need to wear hesitating 3D glasses. Are you excited for the launch of the new red phone? Are you waiting for the launch of a budget phone with the 3D display? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Nfc in mobile | NFC range, security and label

Nfc in mobile | NFC range, security, and label: We all have seen NFC in Mobile phones or in smart posters or smart pay (contactless payment) but never used it intentionally instead we use Bluetooth or wifi share. So what is NFC? , What’re its ranges, frequency band? , What is the use of NFC in Mobile phones?

What is NFC?

Near field communication (NFC) is a communication protocol where two devices interact and share some data and information with each other when they are near to each other. NFC RANGE is just about 1.6 inches (4 cm) That’s why it is used in contactless payment.

What is NFC based on?

NFC is based on Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) which access the information between two NFC enabled devices and even power the other devices.NFC basically works when two near devices create electromagnetic induction between two loop antennas and share their data.

What is NFC range, frequency band and sharing speed?

NFC DTR: 104-425 kilobits per second (kbps)
NFC frequency band: Nfc works with the frequency of 13.56MHz
NFC range: 1.6 inches ( 4cm ).

What is the use of NFC in Mobile phones?


NFC in Mobile can be used in three modes:

1. NFC secure payment

NFC enabled devices such as smartphones act like smart cards, allowing users to perform money transactions such as tap payment or buy tickets.

2. NFC reader or writer

NFC enabled devices can be even to read information that is stored on inexpensive NFC tags embedded in NFC labels or smart posters.

3. NFC share

NFC share enables NFC enabled devices to communicate with each other to exchange information in a unique way.

NFC security issue?

Even with very low range NFC is still not full proof secure. Relay attacks or Man-in-the-middle attacks can be it done to read the data. NFC still has some security issue to be fixed.

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Verify you are a human? | why google says,” verify that you are a human! ” to us?

Verify you are a human? | why  Google says, “verify that you are a human!” to us?  Not so far I remember but it has been a couple of months I get redirected to a type of page which says “verify you are a human”:

Verification required
Verification required


Everyone has got this right? Maybe Google changed its policy for its server security or for our security OR to reduce fake web traffic, I don’t actually know why this page appears on our browser window when we google after a gap of about couple of hours. We get redirected to a page URL:
With a message,
“Our system has detected an unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot.”


The red hydrogen one specification|red hydrogen one price | red hydrogen camera specs

And its a compulsion to solve that captcha and verify you are a human. The most irritating thing about this is it’s really hard to prove you are a human. Google usually gives you
Tasks like :

  1. Select all the image with the storefront.


2. Select all the squares with street signs.

Street signs

3. Select all the images with cars.

It usually takes about a minutes and sometimes even more if you are on your smartphones with small screen size. We are hating it in sooth. Its also killing our precious time. Google must do something about this and immediately.

How to get rid of this “verify you are a human” page?

The only way to skip this is to use any other search engines like. We know Google is the best but there is no way to search your query without completing the captcha ( i.e completing the verify you are a human page ) or temporarily switching to other alternative search engines like:









Internet Archive



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Why donate car to charity? | Should I donate my car to charity?

  Why donate car to charity? | Should I donate my car to charity? At any time you consider the banners out or see an internet advertisement about car contributions. You truly feel abrupt right? In fact, the majority of us do! Do you receive the questions such as why would somebody donate car to charity?

In this essay donate car to charity we’ll fix all of your doubts. There’s a wonderfully large and profound reason behind this. Here’s why:

1. Do social work.

Every want wants to become a social worker or help the society or country for someone good. So always donate car to charity to one of the charities you believe in. This will help to build a better future for the country or people. Your donated cars will go for auction and you will be credited for it.


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2. Provide a usable vehicle for charity use:

If you are bored with the same car and trying to buy a new one. It’s excellent to donate car to charity compared to purchasing it for small and unsatisfactory value. You may feel great to see your car been utilized for a much better cause. Charities can use it to serving the elderly. It may be also utilized as free transportation for destitute men and women.

3. Easily sell your car : 

When you quote for car donations to charities. You can easily get your car value even if less, you can save some tax which will instead useful for the charities.

4. Help out the poor:

You can change someone’s life by donating your car.  The person will be motivated and live a stress-free life. You can change the world to them. Help them! It really makes you feel good!

Similarly, you can sell your car without a title, or a free pick up. You will also have a good tax write-off. So it’s better to Donate your car to charities than selling it for a little more money.